The call for fate

June 22, 2009 10:35am CST
Do you believe in fate? How do you meet your partner? Is it by bumping into each other's head on the streets or through internet MSN chats or whatever? I have broken up with my girlfriend last year and couldn't bring myself to bury the hatchet and go back to her. I met my girlfriend through and she was not pretty but at that time, I felt that someone is fond of me which I am happy to have her by my side, as time goes by, her nasty negative points appears which antagonize me to break up with her and currently, I am a lonely soul, seeking females to talk to. Unfortunately, girls have their boyfriends and partners which makes me feel sad and envy. I do not have any regrets for the breakup, what I believe is I need to look forward and cherish any opportunity available.
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@qiyunhai (254)
• China
22 Jun 09
yes , i believe fate, there are thouds of million girl, why i only get marrie d with my wife,it's beacause of fate
• United States
22 Jun 09
NEVER GIVE UP! I met my fiance' through Funny thing.. I wasn't really looking..just dating. I would "look" at the pics. Talk with the guys.. meet them and end up with "disaster dates". It was horrible.. either they would be NOTHING like thier pic. OR..Nothing like they described themselves in other words..they would say they were into "fishing" or whatever, just to find they never even held a fishing pole. LOL I was on the verge of deleting my account because it was so ridiculous. One day..I decided to look at the profiles "without" pictures! He was the 1st on on the page out of thousands. His profile talked about how he spent many hours at the baseball feild with his 2 sons. (I have children I wanted someone who didn't mind such) He went on to say how he was just "him". Nothing fancy,just a guy. I wrote him...met him..fell in love with him.. and moved in together..4 months later! Now 4 years later..we are planning our wedding next year! There is good FATE for everyone I believe! My suggestion would be .. try a dating site. (plenty of fish is a great free one!) Look at the profiles "without" pics. Find the "real" person to try!! (Make sure you put up your own profile..with NO LIES) It worked for me! Then after you meet her... Go to my site and buy her something nice!! my website is (I"m the Hope this helps!! Suzy
@gadnynj (74)
• Bayonne, New Jersey
22 Jun 09
Ok guy here you will get some advice from an old goat like me; with lots of experience on this issue. First you must stay single for a while and go out (at least once a week) and circulate; while at the same time make new friends. Don't stop at the first conncection; be your own person and most of all be straight up with the people you meet. You can tell your new friends that you are single and just circulating and making new friends; that right now you are not going to make decisions on long term relationships. That the people you meet, will will get to know, and get to know their friends and their families, and that also that you will give opportunity for your new friends to get to know you, your friends and your family. Keep a "little black book:), wrting down the names, telephone numbers and email address of those people you meet. Do not settle with the first person you meet, just give yourself about 6 months of going out, keeping in touch with the people you meet for a least 6 months. During this time if you get invited to an family or friend's event, alway take a friend; that means you will call friends up and find out if they are available to accompany you. Tell them it is a great opportunity to further get to know each other. Always be in control; for example if some girl want to push a kiss on you or tell you that she loves you, and you are not ready; then be straight up with them and tell them. If you do take my advice and go out once a week, start inviting a friend (female or male) and always, if it is a girl, that you just recently met; let them know that you are out to socialize, and that she also should feel free to circulate when out with you. If you or the companion that agreed to go out for a "night out" meet anyone during an outing, introduce them to you and you will introduce anyone you meet to your companion. In other words be adults, not selfish childish fools, trying to swallow up a person. Give people space and demand space. Once you have establish a circle of friends, and have spend about six months; circulating with them, getting to see how they treat your friends and family, and seeing how your friends and family treat your friends, then you can chose someone from that circle of establish friends to be a partner. Never establish a relationship with someone you just met; in other words don't jump into bed; drop your pants on some you do not know for at least six months. Why you may ask? Because, when you do that there is no base in that type of relationship, and when thing get tough; there is no base that will keep you together. At least if you create a base; a history between yourself and another person; when things get tough you both have memories of that time when you where just becoming to know each other; memories of meeting friends and family; memories of going out and having just clean fun getting to know each other. Never go out alone; well, the first few time you might have too, but after you meet a few people you can invite them, and then they too will start calling you up and inviting you out, the same way. Learn to be your own person without another person by your side; and if you are a smart person you too will learn that an independent woman is a asset; not an intimidation. Learn to support the people you meet; and stick with the people who support you. You did the right thing by getting away from someone who is mean. Crew that! Life is too short to accompany misarable people in their journey of distruction. Join a gym, and other types of groups in your area. When you go out, don't be shy, walk around and introduce yourself. If you meet a girl who tell you that she has a boyfriend, say: Oh, I'm sorry, nice to meet you, maybe you can introduce me one day to him. And, then just walk away. What I am trying to tell you is become a sure guy, not a jurk, just a sure guy. Be a friend to somebody, and accept friends in your life. Then your life will become forfilled. Read books on human behaviors and learn to speak up when a situation is not right for you. Don't think that you will change people's genetic outlook on life, if they are misarable; 99% of the time, if you become their partner, you too will become misarable. So, stick to happy, independent, supportive and with good philosophy type of people as the people you create your circle of friends. In life we need good people around us, and never give up your good friends and family for some chick. Also, if you like a good person, establish that with your friends and family; because friends and family can become vicious against someone you like behind your back, making comment in front of her, but when you are not around. Then if she express that to you, you will not believe it and think it is her. The best thing a guy and do, is let everyone know that you love them and that if they have any concerns about anyone you walk with that they you tell you in your face, then you can investigate and make up your own decision about your future partner or of you present partner. If this ever happens, that a friend or fammily member tell you a concern, after you have decided on the matter, go back to that friend or family member and explain your position; if need be thank them for their concern, but also let them know that you have made a decision and that you expect their support. Good luck.