Serbia And Montenegro
June 22, 2009 11:04am CST
I have seen some people for the first time in my life and at the same second I did not like them. I did not even have a conversation or anything with them.Why? Does anybody know the answer. I don't.
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• India
29 Jun 09
well that happens to me too..In general , people often go about by looks and judge the other person as good or bad , but thats not the right way . you can only never know a person through theis skin n colour . Its all that what in , that matters . Take my example , I am not good looking and people have dumped me by looks during their first impression , but when they relate to me they say they have never come across peole like me .....this surprises me ...So dont judge a person by looks , who knows they might be the soul-mate you are looking for !
@Tiamjr (435)
22 Jun 09
Maybe you are good at reading body language or maybe some people just have a look about them that you find negative. Most people make quick judgements about people based on their first impressions. If you have a good sense of awareness this can be good in helping you avoid people who might not be nice. For some people though it can be bad to judge people on their appearances alone. Sometimes people with a good character can be hidden behind a dull exterior. It is only by getting to know people that you find out if your first impressions were wrong or right.