Naruto VS. One Piece

June 22, 2009 2:41pm CST
Who do you think is better: Naruto or Luffy from One Piece?
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27 Jun 09
well, as for me, i go for naruto, a cool, concrete character that stands out the best of himself. Naruto is a weakling when he still a kid, but until he grew up at the age of 14 i think, he became stronger, wiser, and a better person although their some funny stuffs about him but that what defines naruto especially when he says to jiraiya, "If being smarter means what you say it does, I'll remain fool of my entire life." He cares for his friends for they are his only family from the time he was born and matured. Anyways, I dunno bout Luffy at all.
• Philippines
1 Jul 09
Thanks for the idea. I agree with your idea about Naruto, he's one hell of a ninja and I think that he's the best in Konoha. Anyway Luffy is from the anime series One Piece and he share some attributes with Naruto in terms of courage,perseverance and valuing friendship.
24 Apr 11
i think both are better because luffy can kill him by using gear3 and naruto summons a frog which uses water so i think both wins.:)what doyou think
@RockLii (18)
• Netherlands
11 Jul 09
I think Luffy is better. He eats a lot and I do too ha ha & he is funny & crazy, which is really my style! Also I think the anime is better, because it has way less fillers. But I'm not a naruto-hater! Anyway, Luffy shows what a friendship (nakama) should be like! And I think that's why he will be the Pirate King! The anime just rocks! And he's rubber ha ha!
24 Apr 11
but naruto eats too much too and naruto is great.he never gives up and i like one piece too because he is also great.naruto wants to be hokage and it is good he is a funny guy
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
21 Sep 09
Just like what most have mentioned... Naruto will win hands down... Luffy just stretches and Naruto will just go kyuubi and BOOM! Goodbye Luffy.
@thought7 (132)
• United States
28 Jul 09
No challenge. As a fan of both anime i say this with out a dobt. Mind you again i am a magnanimous fan of both anime! NARUTO would kick Luffy's A$$!! Love 'em both, but it is just that true. Demon fox or a friggin rubber fruit, what d'ya think. Yet again, sorry luffy, but NARUTO is just the shizits.