I gave him the milk He may never buy the cow!

United States
June 22, 2009 3:25pm CST
Hey Mylotter's I am in a funkie mood. so my guy has this knew job where he dose work hard. But he acts like he is the only one who dose some work. I have my sleep broken when my son crys in the night for a bottle. I then have to try to get business done with the mortage company, deal with the baby, try and cook dinner, cleaning never seem to happen, and deal with the baby. Then i have to have the baby ready for the sitter so when i go to work in the evening he is all set. When my guy comes home from work he gets to chill or do what ever he would like while my sister watches my son at 9:30 when I get home in the evening i get to do my other around the clock job mommy. this then starts all over again. I keep thinking of the words of some older person saying "gal, he aint got no reason to buy the cow cause you deen offered up the milk". Have you ever been not value in your relaitonship? Have you ever dated a men and they forget thatyou are not a wife? Dose any of this sound like you? if so tell me about it. I just want to know if i am alone in my feelings.
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