Where do you buy your pet supplies and what do you think prettycritters?

United States
June 22, 2009 3:47pm CST
I have bought my doggys things..from collars, shock collars, kennels, etc mainly from petco. Just because it was close to home. I never realized how much I was really spending..until we got into our our own website store. We began our store .. with just general merchandise. Where things we sell are at reasonable prices, Since I am a consumer as well. My eyes were opened WIDE the day I settled a wholesale account with pet supplies. Did you know.. most regular "stores" mark up the prices as much as 200%? Just on simple things like collars. It may cost the store..9.00 for a standard collar.. and you will pay..29.99 for this!! It's unbelievable!! I was outraged! I do understand that regular stores need to pay the employees, the lights, and all overhead..but c'mon!! So we decided to bridge out and open prettycritters.com which now has 5 suppliers, NO employees or much overhead. It is in building stages..adding more everyday right now..you will see this site change as time goes on since we are working with new software. We are HUGE animal lovers yet We are simply tired of paying the huge amounts for pet supplies.. and decided to do something about it! It's about time someone did! What I am asking for ..is feedback. For my fellow Animal lovers to check it out.. and tell me what they think. Good or Bad. Help us ..to help you! www.PrettyCritters.com I am the "S" in AandSdirect.net
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