Resonable explaination

@Ravinia (291)
November 12, 2006 12:10pm CST
Is being with someone for 5 years a resonable explaination for continuing to stay in an unhappy relationship?
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@harshadod (858)
• India
12 Nov 06
@y_okin (163)
12 Nov 06
I think not. If you have not been able to resolve issues certain issues over the past 5 years, there is no reason to believe that any significant change is going to occur soon. Better to cut your losses and try and find hapiness with someone else.
@sbeauty (5870)
• United States
12 Nov 06
You didn't say if you were married, living together, or just going out. If you are married, then do whatever you can to fix your marriage, and if you can't, get out. With the other 2 situations, just get out. There's no point in remaining in a miserable relationship if you don't have to. It will only get worse if you continue.
@suzieque (2336)
• Canada
12 Nov 06
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No, it doesn't matter how long you have gone out. If you are unhappy with the relationship, there is no reason to be with him/her.