Telephone, Computer,Mobile --which you like best?

June 22, 2009 9:14pm CST
which gadget you like most. you know if you have computer for it telephone is must to surf internet. if you have phone then you cannot surf internet but if you have a mobile you cannot play games with enjoyment or you cannot write "word document".windows mobile are so efficient.ok just your suggestions best mylot.
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29 Jun 09
hi kawalsukhi.. well i would love to have computer with high graphics,processor and everything to play latest and best games on market. I want to be able to play every sort of game even if i play or not. Mobile would be my second choice as i can play games in it too. and mobiles these days comes with loads of multifunction and it is also mini computer. And since mobile is so mobile with everything function imaginable. i would just cannot do without it either. i certainly cannot take my computer along with us everytime so mobile is best and must have.But who need telephone when you have mobile anyway.
@shnsun (196)
29 Jun 09
Hi kawalsukhi! I think computers are far more superior than telephone and mobile. And I am sure most will choose computer too. Computer can work as both mobile phones and telephones but mobiles and telephones are only used for communication purpose only. Nowadays computer has a wide field of application and without it life is difficult. Wherever we go, wherever we see we can see the use of computer. They are used in accounting,education, communication, transportation,health and many many many more.And computer is the source of entertainment too. Its true mobile are portable and easy for communication but overall computer are the most needed one. Windows mobile are better than ordinary mobile but still unmatch with computer. This is what i think...Have a nice time mylotting!!
@tonyllenium (6261)
• Italy
23 Jun 09
Normally i like much more computer than simple phones or pda ones!!In reality if you consider that computer are powerful than other devices and also you can have much more functionalities and operations than on your mobile devices that usually they are limited even if now there are many whee you can surf the ent,or see documents in different formats and so on..i think if you wan start have an hi-tech gadget you should startfrom computer,laptop and so afterthat if it cna be useful too also to check the phones,smartphones and all devices like that available on the market!!