dentists conversing with you while your mouth is open and with machinery inside

@meggggg (155)
June 22, 2009 10:23pm CST
why do dentists converse with you while your mouth is open and with gadget and whatnot inside? how are you supposed to answer their questions?
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@rosedust82 (2070)
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
Hahaha! Hi meggggg... I couldn't help but laugh at this... because I had the same experience with my dentist. Maybe one major reason why they talk is so people wouldn't feel too nervous especially if they have a dislike for going to the dentists (like me. teehee.) It keeps the mind off from what the dentist is doing. Plus, usually when my dentist asks me questions, they're questions that are answerable by a simple yes or no or a nod or shake. but really... I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Hahaha! You got me visualizing the scene in my mind.
@ketybhagat (4125)
• India
23 Jun 09
Everybody hates going to a dentist and the doc knows this, so in order to make the patient feel at ease, he talks of this that and the other, so that the patients mind is diverted from the drills and what nots in his mouth. Its just a trick all dentist use to make the patient feel comfortable, besides, I suppose his work is also very boring, so this makes up for his boredome. lol.
@rsa101 (22679)
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
I guess most dentist do this to calm their patients down. In my case my dentist would usually tell me what she is going to do next and occasionally she would ask if it pains me or not. Most of her question does not require me to answer her back with long answers but only by a yes or no response or a nod is what is required from me. :D