My toddler son

@maximax8 (31164)
United Kingdom
June 23, 2009 8:59am CST
My toddler son is unable to walk which means he crawls around instead. When he was younger it was easy to buy him dungarees. Now he is two years old it seems trousers are what he has to wear. The trousers keep falling down which annoys him greatly. He had an operation on his back because he has spina bifida. That means he doesn't want anything tight around his waist. Have you ever taken up needle work and made your kids clothing? Do you have any ideas how I can stop my son's trousers falling down?
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@Darkwing (21586)
25 Jun 09
I would think your best bet is to attach some straps to your son's trousers, which cross over at the back, and have a bar of material at the front so as to stop the straps falling off his shoulders. They should keep his trousers in place. It would be quite easy to do this yourself. I've never actually made trousers for mine, and braces sufficed for holding them up, but if you use straps a bit like the German lederhosen (leather pants) have on them, I think you will be ok. Elastic would obviously be no good for your toddler.. he needs something which won't stretch. Brightest Blessings.
@Niah1976 (740)
• Paranaque, Philippines
24 Jun 09
When I buy my daughter's clothes, there are some which don't fit right. Like the sleeves are kind of big so I sew them to make them smaller. How I wish I knew how to sew dresses so I could make her some. With your son, maybe try to buy him clothes that he is comfortable with. Because for me child's comfort should come first.
@marguicha (177012)
• Chile
24 Jun 09
Dearest Maxine, I am sure there are stores that provide a sort of dungaree for children with special problems. Why don´t you get in touch with an institution or foundation that has children like Leo?Maybe they´ll know where to shop. I know how it is to have something tight on a scar: for him it must be worse. Besides, , no little man would want his pants to fall down. If you can´t get help there, there are lots of patrons and magazines with patrons where you can buy exactly what you want. You cut the material exactly as it says and then sew it. You might have problems with zippers (they are more difficult) but don´t forget velcro. If you have a friend who knows how to sew, ask for help. Maybe your mom knows too. In our generation we learned those things not because we wanted to, but because we needed to know them. Luck. HUG!!!
@TLChimes (4838)
• United States
23 Jun 09
suspenders. waist won't matter as much and they will stay up better. Make sure they are the kind that cross because it helps hold them on the shoulders.