What are you doing to help yourself become financially free?

June 23, 2009 7:48pm CST
Have you formulated your plan in the future? Have you ever realize that when you retire, you'll have no money? What are the things that you are doing to ensure that when you retire, you still have enough to support, not only your basic needs but medical expenses as well? Let's try to discuss this topic here. I have opened up questions so that you could post your answer and discuss if it's effective or not.
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@cbantly (236)
• United States
24 Jun 09
I do financial planning and work with a lot of seniors. The overwhelming thought of not having enough money during retirement is enough to keep many up at night. The medical expenses are getting out of control, and Medicare and the many options that come with it can be very confusing! I am licensed as an insurance agent and try to help the clients navigate through these difficult waters. Something many don't consider is that a 30,000 income now may support an individual...but in 20 years (or more)...it may need to be a 50,000 income to allow the same level of comfort as today! Lots of things to think and talk about...Great discussion!
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• Philippines
24 Jun 09
That's correct because, currency (not money) value gets lower and lower as the time goes by. You also need to consider inflation and national debt. Who pays for the national debt? It's the taxpayers. Every time the government issues a bail-out, it's the tax payers who pay for those.