Which Heroes character you like most and why?

June 23, 2009 11:04pm CST
I Used to watch heroes everyday by downloading from the net and as well as from the online.This serial was awesome.I love the character of hero Nakamora.He's character is really awesome and so funny too. I love to watch his character most.The best part of his character is in the begining and i.e in season 1.In the season his character is so funny and interestin too.In this way I love his character most.So what about you guys.Why and which character you guys love to watch?
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@andiel (117)
• Malaysia
2 Jul 09
I love Micah; his art of controlling the electronics is awesome. I think when he's grown up, he can create battles machines or extra advances defences system (If he ever be growing up) I wish i could have powers like him. I can take money from any banks, any time i want HAHAHA.
28 Jun 09
hey, watch your mouth. you never downloaded any of the heroes episodes. i gave you all those episodes. ok lets cut it out. Talking about the best heroes character, i like Sylar. this guy is really interesting. without him, heroes would be so dull to watch. His hunger for power is his greatest enemy and power too. thats the trigger for him to become more and more powerful. he is probably the most powerful heroes character, even powerful than peter petrelli.
@Tiamjr (435)
24 Jun 09
I like Peter Petrelli because his powers are great. I really liked that he could absorb other peoples powers, but now he is having to learn to just cope with one at a time and is still a great hero. Hiro is great as well because he is really funny while at the same time always trying to do the right thing. I also think Sylar is a great baddie. One minute you think he is starting to change into a better person and then a minute later he will be really evil! How long do you think it will take him to realise his true identity again?