Wishing it will never end but then have to let go because that is the right

@annierose (18959)
June 23, 2009 11:10pm CST
thing to do..Have you experienced same or said same thing while you were on your relationship with someone whom you really loved? For me, that is a very painful part because I was in love with that guy for so many years and then later on we both found out that we are both in love with each other. We are both happy in each other arms but then the very sad thing that happens is when we discovered that we are connected by blood. We are both crying and feel so hurt but we have no choice but to let go of our feelings with each other.If we continue the relationship, it will be immoral to the eyes of everyone. As of now, the pain is still here and whenever I feel it, I just think that time will come, it will be healed.I just realize not all wishes can come true.
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• India
24 Jun 09
sometimes...fate plays a very strong role in our lives and we ahve to let go of people we love and things we hold close to heart.I guess its all a part of life and it only makes us more human with each incidents and learn to be more empathetic towards people who face similar situations. The best way is let go (tho its hard)and thank God ofr the beautiful moments u shared together.U can always live in memeories of the past and feel good about it. take care and may the best happen to you
@Hucheng (163)
• China
24 Jun 09
Connected by blood?you mean you are relatives? I dont think this will be a problem for the couple who love each other and consider each other as part of life.Are you close relatives,I mean like cousins or what?
@ketybhagat (4125)
• India
24 Jun 09
Oouch, that is the worst thing to happen. Did you not know before the love blossomed that you were related. If that person is very close kin, like your first cousin, then the chances are you will have to let go. I know of many religions where marrying the first cousin is allowed, especially Muslims and some Hindus too. The chances of getting abnormal children is also very common with interfamily marriages. so just be careful. It will hurt like hell, but then, you will get over it. Just stop meeting him alone. Go out with friends and encourage him to do the same. Wish I could help. It must be very painful.