did you have fallen down from the bed in your childhood when you were sleeping?

@peace001 (726)
June 23, 2009 11:44pm CST
my sister and her child who is only 8 month old live with us recently. last night I was waken by the crying of the baby.she was fallen down from the bed.she rolled when she was sleeping.she cryed sadly,my mother told me when I was one year old I had fallen down from bed also,I was supprised.does everyone do the same things when she/he is young? do your parent will tell you something that you have done in your childhood when you grow up?
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@nishdan01 (3051)
• Singapore
24 Jun 09
I have fallen down when I was young. Then my elder son fell down at 4 months at night. Few weeks ago my second son fell down at noon. He too was 4 months old. I think falling from bed is common.
@rapolu_cs (1184)
• India
24 Jun 09
Yes even i fell from my bed when iam 2yr old and i even got hurt on my forehead as my mother say but i didnot cried as i was in deep sleep.You know other thing that i done in my childhood that frightened my parents a lot --------- it was happened when i was 3yr old it is that i swallowed my school batch and they took me to the clinic nearby and there the nurse made me eat a bananas and gave me the T.T. injection and asked me to wait the next day and it was out of my body the next day morning in my excretion.Was this funny?
@sublime03 (2169)
• Philippines
24 Jun 09
Every parent loves to tell stories of how their kids we're when they were younger. My brothers would tell me that when I was younger I used to fall from my bed many times at night. The funny thing about it is my bed is already a queen size but I still end up falling on the side. Now that I have a son, I do the same. I love to tell him stories when he was younger and he would love talking about it. When he was 2 years old, he used to roll on the bed and end up falling. I would wake up from the big thud on the floor and seeing my son standing up half asleep crying.
@kalaga (547)
• United States
24 Jun 09
oh boy...yes.i did.actually this happened after my marriage also.lol.i was sleeping in the end of bed and just fell down.i allowed my kids to sleep with me for one time and this is what happened.so next time onwards they sleep in their beds.never on my bed.