FuNnY sToRiEs!!!

United States
June 24, 2009 12:52am CST
Get ready to either laugh at me, or feel sorry for me, lol, either way! These are my funny stories of myself!! 1.) My dad was ready for his supper one night. So I was called into the kitchen to fix his green beans. Mom was tired and hot from cooking the main course, and the beans were always done in the microwave, so I was on my way into the kitchen to do what I was told. Obviously, my brain was either on vacation, or I just wasn't thinking! I took the can of green beans, and placed it in the microwave, turned it on. ( DID YOU JUST NOTICE WHAT I DID?!) lol, well once I did, which only took 3 secs, I took them out and felt really dumb. I opened the can, and dumped them in a bowl, and placed them in the microwave. Yep, all was normal... till... My uncle wanted a can, so I grabbed another can, still not thinking about the can of green beans, I placed them in the microwave, again!!!! This time, I really felt like a DUMMY! I looked at my mom after opening the microwave door, "Did I just do that again?" She laughed, "I believe so!" Yeah, true story... here's some more... 2.) I was on the computer one morning. It was about 11 o'clock I believe, and I had just got done bringing my dad his insulin, fixing his breakfast, and his first cup of coffee for that morning around 9 or 9:30 am. He called me on my phone, and told me to bring him his second cup of COFFFFEEE, so I said OKAY. I walk into the kitchen, not paying attention, open the refridgerator, and grab his INSULIN! I take the insulin out to the bedroom, and stick out my hand to give it to him. He looks at me, I look at him and then down at my hand. "OI!!!!" lol. He laughs at me, "That's not coffee, if I took that I'd have an overdose on insulin, try again!" I laughed at myself, "God must really have fun watching me sometimes," is what I said, and took the insulin back to the place it belonged, grabbing the coffee this time around. Whew!! Thank God daddy was paying attention!!! Next one... is rather funny and I believe we've all done it... 3.) I had texted a friend of mine one night, before bed I believe, and told him that it was probably best he didn't come to see me the day before. He never replied, so I went to sleep. The reason I told him that was because my allergies were soooo messed up that day when he was "supposed" to come see me. Well... I get a text the next morning, apparently I was half asleep, not realizing what I was typing... I believe what he got and what I thought I sent were two different things... I thought I sent "Because I was sick..." but the reply I got from him wasn't what I thought it would be, he responds with, "Huh?" lol. I automatically go, "HUH?" back. I scroll through my sent messages, not remembering what we were talking about, and found a message kinda like this "a;lkjd;lkjfaosidfiuopiuhr", lol, maybe not like that exactly, BUT it was enough to make me go "OHHH NOOO", and text him back, "Sorry, I was half asleep," lol. So there ya go, never text me before 9am in the morning, unless you can understand my half asleep language!!! :) What are some funny stories about yourself? lol. I doubt they can be any worse than me putting a whole unopened can of green beans in the microwave!! C'mon shareeee with me your embarrassment so I won't feel so bad, lol!! :)
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