Someone has stolen my video!

June 24, 2009 5:20am CST
I was just checking my videos the other day, checking to see what other videos are linked to mine, and found a straight copy of one of my own videos! I can't claim copyright as it is a sort of tribute to Max Headroom, using clips and music from the Sci-Fi series, the only part of it that is mine is the editing of both the video and music. I did it as an homage to the show. Its annoying as I put so much work into getting it right and they take it and it goes above mine in the search. I uploaded the video to my account, TheShark1982, on Thu 07 Feb 2008 12:21:22 PST, and called the video "My tribute to the Max Headroom (Sci-fi Series)". The culprit, SmallGrayBox, uploaded it 9 months ago (I can't see the exact date) and has called it "Max Headroom and intro to the series." I watched it to see just out of interest and was filled with anger and dissappontment when I spotted (instantly) that it was a straight copy of my own work! I want to let YouTube know, but I can't find anyway to contact them. I can't flag it as the closest option is that it 'infringes my copyright', but it doesn't entirely. It is outright THEFT!!! Whats to be done?
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