How health cautious are you? Do you bring a bottle of rubbing alcohol with you?

rubbing alcohol - a bottle of rubbing alcohol
@iskayz (5422)
June 24, 2009 6:23am CST
I am not a very health cautious person. I do occasionally take vitamins and avoid too much of what I eat, that’s just about it. But now that swine flu has affected a lot of countries, I begin to feel afraid cause’ we have a baby in the house who might be infected once us, the adults gets infected. So I started to consider what the doctors I see on television are saying, bring disinfectants/alcohol even at school, workplace or just anywhere we have to go. One day, when I traveled to my hometown I stopped by at McDonald's to eat lunch before going home. That was the day and the very first time that I brought rubbing alcohol with me. When I was about to eat I remembered my small bottle of disinfectant. I was a bit hesitant to use it cause’ I don’t know what others would think about me. Others might think that I am paranoid and too health cautious that I have to bring rubbing alcohol with me, so I used it as if almost hiding it, then I ate. While I was eating a guy sat near my table and has a backpack with him. Normally, I think of guys to be not that health cautious but to my surprise, the guy pulled a big bottle of rubbing alcohol from his backpack. He used the alcohol with no hesitations and like really showing everyone how health cautious he is. I smiled a bit seeing him and said to myself, I’m not the only one and that there’s no such thing as being paranoid when it comes to health issues. What about you guys? Are you health cautious too?
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