When parents disagree...

June 24, 2009 8:07am CST
Me and my husband does not live together. We already have 2 sons but my parents still doesn't like him. I'm blessed because my husband is so understanding even the surnames of my sons doesn't follow their father's. We have a lot of sacrifices made that it almost destroy our relationship when we were just starting but thank God, he never left us although we doesn't live together. I know that someday we'll be together in the end.
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• Saint Lucia
24 Jun 09
Sorry but why would you marry someone you cant live together with?I am not tying to be judgemental but if he so good what prevents you from living with him?Why cant his sons carry his name?you should decide whats more important to you.
• Philippines
26 Jun 09
My parents doesn't know that we are married because my father doesn't want to. MY father is a chinese and in our family, the only son that will carry the surname of the whole family is my brother and all of my cousins are girls. So, that is why my father doesn't let my sons to carry their father's surname. We have live together when my eldest son was born for almost 2 years but then I don't have a job and my husband's job doesn't support as well. So, when my father asked me to take a college degree then I answered yes but I forgot to consult 1st my husband and that makes our relationship in a shatter and then I ask him to also take a college degree so that it will make our future better, he answered yes but then my father take this opportunity to have me and his grandsons for himself. Although, my husband come to our house whenever he's free from work but he can never see my parents nor sleep in our house.
• Saint Lucia
26 Jun 09
Ok i understand.Well you are doing what you think is best for your family which is a good thing.