Barock Hussin Obama born in Africa, an Illeagal immigrant himself that:

United States
June 24, 2009 10:25am CST
scaped the Immigration laws of the our land. Is now on the verge of major immigration reform to allow 15 million illegals amesty, so they can be part of the nations economic recovery. Allowing them food, shelter, and health care, with the remaining amount of stimulus money. He has keep the best for last. As he said on his campaign trail we will share the wealth, I am for change, and we can do it. Yehhh! sure, All for the wrong reasons. Obama is a Wringlin Brothers circus class act. His economic recovery program is failing. He is putting our children in a finanical black whole never to be recovered, and Joe Biden telling Obama, as there golfing at the 9th whole. I told you so Mr.President. Now what are we going to do????? In reply: Don't you worry your pretty little white A-s Joe. We'll let Hilery Clinton clean up the mess we made, and you and I can stay at the Obama Hilton in Kenya, Africa. Golfing and drinking Myties for the rest of our lives. LOL
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@ParaTed2k (22940)
• Sheboygan, Wisconsin
24 Jun 09
I think he's hoping NK will bomb the building where his Birth Certficate is locked away. That way he'll be home free.
@clutterbug (1051)
• United States
24 Jun 09
Yes, as you said, "Allowing them food, shelter, and health care..." off the backs of the hard working Americans. Everything is going down the toilet, and fast too. Personally I wouldn't mind soaking up some warm rays at Club Gitmo while everything tanks, lol. People need to wake up and learn the truth. Our Constitution is being trampled on; it's supposed to be for the people, and by the people, not for the government, and by the government. Thank you for listening.