Some questions re_Days..

@leyisa (487)
June 24, 2009 2:44pm CST
okay me out here....How is Melanie related to Maggie? I know that her and Max were siblings, but i can't seem to recall if they are related to maggie..I ask b/c everyone these days seems to be staying at maggie's house...speakign of maggie, who is this nathan guy that is staying there - First off, he is WAY too young looking to supposedly be a doctor....anyhow, how is he related to Maggie? As well, How are Stephanie and Sami related? By the way, did any else notice a few weeks ago when Brady and Melanie were stock in the tomb and brady was looking at his mom's name....they conveniently had him put his hand on the year that she died inorder to block it...ofcourse that's b/c Isabelle died onscreen sometime in the early 90's when Brady was a baby, which would make Brady a teenager...hence, they had to cover that date up.. Here is another question - Does Brady know the FULL story about the baby switch? I noticed in today's episode he was talking to nicole about the baby switch (the fact that Nicole took Mia's baby). Does he know that nicole switched mia's w/ sammi's? I am assumign not or else he would expose her (seeing how Sami is somewhat family)...
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@mgmagana (3621)
• United States
25 Jun 09
melanie isn't related...she was doing her nephew Nick a favor by allowing melanie to stay there since he was "in love" with seems like she's running a halfway house now. Nathan is maggie's grandson from her daughter melissa...i don't think he's a dr. yet i think he's in med school cause he said he would've stayed in Paris but they don't have a med school out there. sami and stephanie are cousins... stephanie's mom kayla and sami's dad roman are brother and sister. i did notice that he covered the yr. i was wondering why and thanks for pointing out the reason cause that's definitely it then...brady did not know about nicole switching mia and sami's babies...i do think he would expose her if he found out because he's probably fed up with her lieing.
@leyisa (487)
• Canada
29 Jun 09
ok...thanks for clearing this up..However, i'm fairly sure that brady knows about some type of switch b/c he was talkign to Nicole about it...He may not know who's baby nicole took, but I think he knows that the baby she has isn't hers...
@happy6162 (3009)
• United States
28 Jun 09
Melanie is not related to Maggie. Maggie was Nicks aunt who Nick was obsess with and he kidnapped her. Maggie just let Melanie stay because she help Nick and that is what Nick wanted. I thought I heard Maggie say Nathan was her grandson. Nathan is not a doctor yet he is doing his internship at the hospital. No, Brady does not know that Nicole switch Sammie baby with Mia's baby.