my best friend

United States
June 24, 2009 4:23pm CST
do any of you have a friend that whenever she gets a boyfriend she ignores you? this seems to be a re-occuring pattern with my best friend. whenever she gets a boyfriend it's like she discards me from her life. she never answers her phone or goes on aim. it's like her boyfriend is her whole life. oh and what is worse about the situation is that my friend is dating her ex boyfriends roommate. he's egyptian and works at mcdonalds. i'm not trying to discriminate. her last boyfriend was egyptian and worked at dunkin donuts. i try to tell her to date a guy with an education and who is going somewhere in life and can speak good english. she is always too smart for these men who end up using and hurting her. the last time i talked to her she said she wanted to convert to muslim for him and move to egypt. she is only 21 and is sitll in college. id hate to see her throw her life away for a guy like him. it worries me. she has also only known this man for 2 weeks and says she is in love. i don't know what to say to my friend to make her see things in a more realistic way...
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