Do you locked your door before you go to work or shopping?

June 25, 2009 1:04am CST
I know people who never lock the door before they go to work or out. Are you trust people who live around your house? Do you use a alarm system or a dog, or something else to protect your home? Happened to you to find your house broke?
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@flyisky (196)
• China
25 Jun 09
First, I have never found my house broke by thieves. Second, I always leave the house with door locked. What`s more, I even push the poor two or three times to make sure the door is locked. I trust people who live around my house but don`t trust people who come from nowhere can break my house with some kind of purpose. So, be caruful is always better.
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@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
25 Jun 09
Hi, i am one who never locked my door when i am not home, i live in a small comunity, where all know all, and i have a big pet dog, who don t let people enter in my yard, if i am not home. I have few ladies who all time know who enter. Even they make me mad sometimes because are very curious, they protect my home, because of theirs curiosity.
25 Jun 09
Never judge the book by its cover. Even the loveliest and kindness people would turn out to be bad guys. Locking the door and gates is a precaution step to reduce the risk of your home being accessed by unwanted people (though nowadays thieves have sophisticated tools to break in to the house). By locking the doors it makes them harder to enter your homes and to make you feel better without having to worry that someone will get there hands into your valuables in the house. I don't generally trust anyone in the neighbourhood. So I always lock the doors before I go out. And recently i wish to get a dog for a pet as well as to guard my home. Happy Mylotting!!
@Preciousgem (1184)
• Philippines
25 Jun 09
I like to locked the door,before going to shopping, you never know who do you trust, any way theirs a key, the key is all you need to locked and secure your home, to be alert and be careful and watchful and maintain a neat and arranged home, if ever you came home from your shopping, and you are sure that your things are secure.
@prinzcy (5036)
• Malaysia
25 Jun 09
Just because the neighbourhood is safe, I can take things for granted. Before leaving the house, I'll lock the door and window and then I'll re-check again if I miss anything. I don't fancy the idea of being rob or found the robber still lingering in my house.