What was the last thing

June 25, 2009 8:42am CST
that you broke? The last thing I broke was a money box, something was stuck inside so I gave it a gentle tap (and it really was gentle0 and it just kind of crumbled D'oh! It was shaped and painted like a tardis, it wasn't expensive, valuable or even especially sentimental, but I liked it, never mind What was the last thing you broke? Was it valuable? Personal? Expensive? Sentimental? Accidental? Deliberate?
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25 Jun 09
The last thing I broke was this morning and it was my truck . Yep my truck! I dont know what happened , was driving kids to school and smelled what appeared to be antifreeze , got back home , popped my hood and sure enough antifreeze was everywhere . ( First of all let me say I know not to drive it , if it is overheating )but the temp gauge never indicated that it was overheating . I called my honey and he said to just leave it parked and he would check it when he got home from work. So now I have a broke truck.............
25 Jun 09
oh dear, I hope you get it fixed!
@rainmark (4302)
25 Jun 09
The last thing i broke was my hubby's pint glasses, that was given to him as a present on his bday. It was an accident, i kinda feel drunk when i washed dishes and my hand hit the glass. But he said it was Ok. cheers.
25 Jun 09
at least he wasnt mad :)