Could your wife or husband your best friend?

@irahat (89)
June 25, 2009 12:16pm CST
well!! I think it is a strange discussion but not strange for the people who started living their married lives as friends more than just traditional husband and wife..!! what do you think and one more thing my wife is my best friend because there are certain things you can't share with your wife but she as a friend helps me a lot.!!
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• Philippines
26 Jun 09
I think that you will have a better or smooth relationship with your husband when you are best of friends because you'll both know when to lay back or just let the other decide for his or her own. Because sometimes relationship becomes ugly or break apart due to constant nagging of the other partner to the other. It's like a choking relationship. Being best of friends will help both of you to know more about each other and maintain the hotness of your relationship because each day you'll discover something new about your partner and that makes the magic of the relationship last forever...
@ckyera (17342)
• Philippines
25 Jun 09
hi irahat! actually, my best friend is my mom! ever since i treated her as my very best friend for i can tell her anything and everything without judging me...and i respect and trust her so much... but now that i am married and i live far from my mom...i found another best friend in my husband! we are more of a peer when we talk...i can tell him anything and everything and he also do that...its very nice to be friends with our better half...for this will surely make a good married life... now, my husband is not just a husband to me...he's my friend...good friend...true friend...he's my knight in shining everything!
• United States
25 Jun 09
I certainly think it is alright and good to have your spouse be your best friend. I've always heard to marry your best friend. It makes sense. By being best friends you are able to share with each other and not hide secrets. You are comfortable with each other enough to not hold back on what's on your mind. You can read each other's mind and share similar views and beliefs on things. Nowadays I think more and more people are marrying their best friends and traditional views on how a husband and wife should be are now changing. I think it is great.