The BBC have confirmed Michael Jackson has died. Memories?

June 25, 2009 5:57pm CST
I find it incredibly sad that such news has been confirmed. It has made me start to think about the many things I can remember about his life despite being only 16. One of those was the ITV Tonight with Trevor McDonald special where they went to his Neverland home and sort of documented his life. It was the documentary I think that started the whole allegations about his relationships with children and perhaps that was one of the reasons I remember it but also because I was shocked and came to realisation about how different his life was to my own and I suppose how strange his life was. I can remember his walking in a shop and simply pointing at expensive stuff saying that he wanted to buy it and that was that! Another memory was watching an old performance on a special Top of the Pops of him with the Jackson 5 singing, I think, Rockin' Robbin. I still have it recorded somewhere but he was such a star even back then with a wonderful voice and such a great performance. His music will always live on and I think 'Thriller' will always be remembered as one of the greatest music videos of all time. I know that there are so many other things I can remember (and a lot are bad memories I suppose but that is probably because of my age, such as baby dangling and going to court in pyjamas.) What memories do you remember related to Michael? Did you ever see him live? Any favourite songs or music videos?
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