Are you constantly searching new paid - to sites?

United States
June 25, 2009 10:14pm CST
There were more than thousands of paid - to sites available online. We just don't know them all. Do you constantly searching for the new paid - to sites to join in. To experiment the legitimacy of that site, and spread out the news for online user to know about? I did. I was on constant search for new paid - to sites, and I am more than glad to share the information with everyone here. What about you?
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• Chennai, India
26 Jun 09
Yes. I am searching for some good paid-to sites. Unfortunately most good sites don't have enough opportunities for Indians. And most sites which accept international members turn scam often. So, before I join any site I look up for more info in and And also search some forums for the feedback by its members, before I join. Rarely sometimes, even the predictions of the expert members go wrong.
• Philippines
26 Jun 09
Me too im still searching many sites that will pay for my work even though it's hard to do that becuase of the scam sites but if you know that the is legitimate you will be relieved and amaze coz it helps us a lot even in a small thing that we are doing to them.We help them and they help us in many things but be careful too because more of them are scam specially those sites who are asking payments before you can start.Why should you pay instead they pay you?you are working for them and you will pay them,its guys lets help each other to earn more online and avoid those scam sites and make investigation first before joining,if they are asking for a payment don't join with them.
@lkumarldh (142)
• India
26 Jun 09
I have just started working on paid site. Write now i working only on mylot. WOkring on mylot is easy and full of fun. So at present i am not searching for more sites. due to lack of time. whenevr i will be having time i will search for such sites and will work on them.