I'm curious...

United States
June 25, 2009 11:46pm CST
Each year, several college students cause a stir in the media by perishing due to alcohol poisoning. I'm assuming, being a college student myself, that more students than just me have had to walk back to their dorm/house/appartment after a long night of partying. Many of these walks are not done in the most appropriate frame of mind. These walks include crossing busy streets. I'm curious. How many college students have been killed crossing streets (sober or drunk) ??
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• Philippines
26 Jun 09
i think that more students caught an accident while driving compared to those hit by cars. Many car accidents are caused by people who drive while they are drink. Students who are drunk and can't manage to walk usually caught sleeping on streets lol. Those teen people who can't barely go home looks pathetic with the way they look if caught sleeping across the streets lol just to share...
• United States
26 Jun 09
Thanks for the response! :) I guess, that sounds pretty legitimate. I just know that my friends and I have had to walk several blocks and we never fall asleep...ha. I'm glad I haven't passed out on the roadside...