Who really loved Micheal Jackson? Lets keep it real!

United States
June 26, 2009 8:16am CST
Micheal Jackson was a good man and a great role model who was molded into the man he was by his parents. Exspecially his dad who pushed him beyond the limit( May God Have Mercy On JOE) he strived for his own indivduality but it was a tough road for him. However he obtained it and it was yet and still a long, lonely road but he made it into our homes, lives and heart. People fainted and cried at his concerts and at his mere presense. But lets not forget the fact some of us turned our backs when the controversy hit rather you voiced your opinion or not pubicly. This man was just as human as we are and pressure can burst a pipe I believe this is what happened. Imagine yourself in his shoes just from what you've heard and seen in the media how whould you endure all this madness? I will miss my brother Micheal and I want you ALL to remember this.....WHEN HE WAS BORN HE CRIED AND THE WORLD REJOICED...NOW HE'S DIED AND THE WORLD CRIED AND HE REJOICED....THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR GRACE AND MERCY...IT'S SUFFECIENT.............
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@Margajoe (4718)
• Germany
26 Jun 09
I think Micheal was a very lonely man. He had a sad life and I wish his soul to rest in peace. Personally, I don't beleive he ever had the chance to be himself. So lonely.
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• Philippines
26 Jun 09
Well I guess given that some of his actions are really not pleasing, people's initial reaction would also be bad.. It's just natural.. Anyway, I personally care less about his personal life and I wasn't really a big fan of MJ but as a music lover I honestly do appreciate his music especially his film-like MTVs and dance moves which really identifies him.. Undoubtedly he is really a creative and unique artist.. His contribution in the music industry is far incomparable.. He have set up his own identity as an artist..
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