Brain Doping?

United States
June 26, 2009 4:57pm CST
Let me introduce this topic first by saying that I first tried ritalin without a prescription, in the form of a pill that I requested from a friend to pull an all nighter. By then, I had already received a diagnosis if ADD from a neurologist, but never committed to medication because the grades weren't suffering. After my first experience with ritalin, I can't seem to find any reason why EVERY STUDENT should be prescribed some form of stimulant medication... Since kindergarden, teachers have stressed sitting still and talking when called upon, concentrating on the task at hand and keeping track of time and due dates, keeping cubbies and lockers organized, yada, yada, etc. It just seems like the whole experience of school is just a battle against the natural form of ADD that we are all born with and grow out of, so why not save billions on private tutors and therapists and tough love camps and just administer ritalin or adderall or vyvanse or whatnot to our progeny? I mean, lets be honest with ourselves: for the pharmaceutically conservative who view modern medicine as one big conspiracy, and for those who believe that drug free is the way to go for america, just take a look at the numbers of teens who have smoked before hitting thirteen, or the number of college students who have binged in the past weekend, or the number of med school students who have depended on a battery of stimulants including no-doz and cocaine to keep them going, or the impoverished mexican kids in the south side who huff gas to escape their border blues.
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