mobile dating

United States
June 26, 2009 10:02pm CST
ok every one who here has used a mobile dating site? like Friendz or Crush or flush? do you ever have any luck on there? I notice alot of the men are truck drivers on there. I personally like the ease of mobile dating not having to go to computer can check out people from any where. i think you have to be careful though and be very cautious on who you give your number out too though.
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@lovedude (4447)
• India
27 Jun 09
I don't use mobile dating site. though some times log in to my chatting account through sms but it is just to check how this works. I don't like as we have to give our cell numbers in 1st or 2nd chat and another reason is it's too costly too use for mobile for dating. :P
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27 Jun 09
Wow..that sounds interesting. Who would've thought about mobile dating?..well I guess it was bound to happen. So how exactly does this type of dating work? The only type of mobile dating is the ones I see on telly which look like scams so that people can waste their text money on models and not
@cutygirl (576)
• India
27 Jun 09
I had used it for 6 months when I was living out side the town. I got few guys crushed on me, I liked one too. but it came to an end when I return back to home, now no time for such things
@aerous (13434)
• Philippines
27 Jun 09
I am not a member on that sites, or even visited it. Will you please give me details if that if that sites has payment to join. Do you have a successful dating experience to those websites, my friend?