How many think Michael Jackson's personal Dr. is the reason for his death?

United States
June 26, 2009 10:11pm CST
This whole thing is crazy! Michael Jackson was a healthy man, getting ready to tour again at the young age of 50! He was given a 4 hour physical examination as a condition of going on tour....and all of a sudden he collapses in cardiac arrest; the only soul present, (per the 911 tape) was his Personal Dr. His Personal Dr. has now diappeared into thin air, abandoning his BMW....and is seemingly eluding the police....This Dr. has a lot of questions to answer. As a die hard Michael Jackson fan, I want to know why this talented man was ripped from the world so early. How many of you think the Dr. had something to do with MJ's untimely death? Whether accidental or intentional the more he stays away the guiltier he makes himself look. R.I.P Michael Jackson
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• India
27 Jun 09
I too feel the same. I could a mistake of his Physician
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@kprofgames (3098)
• United States
27 Jun 09
I don't know about that. To be honest the heart is a funny animal. People can go for years and through several doctors visits and unless they state all their ailments the heart isn't even considered. My cousin was one of them. She took a very extense medical exam for a company and they found out her heart has a slow leak in it. She'd been to the doctor off and on for years and it was never pin pointed. I don't think that this can fall on any one person or blame can be laid at the door of one person. It takes a lot of communication and very extensive test to pin point heart problems. In all honestly, most of them aren't even pin pointed until a heartattack happens.
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@galih_gg (31)
• Indonesia
27 Jun 09
i don't know about it