United States
June 27, 2009 1:05am CST
do you really think that a person that has cheated once will do it again? i used to think that they will do it again over and over again!! but that was because i would here the phrase ("once a cheater always a cheater"). thats why i thought it was true. but as i grew older i found out that the phrase is not true because we all have minds, a will and a conscience!! you know what you are doing when you do it. your parents teach you whats wrong and what is right and if you do not have parents then "life" teaches you be the easy way or the hard way!! so what do you think once a cheater always a cheater????? hope you like my opinion. maria
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• United States
1 Jul 09
i think that cheating is wrong and i hope people will think how they are effecting other people and stop only thinking about they self
@marianna45 (1399)
• Romania
29 Jun 09
I am sure that a person who has cheated once will do it again and again, is his cheat. in my life i never cheated, i hate this a lot, maybe for this i can t forgive somebody who cheated on me. People who accept others who cheated on they, must accept that all life they must pay a alot of attention don t let him or she cheat again
• United States
29 Jun 09
I do believe you sometimes you have to look at the reason why they did it or what exactly did they do. I used to say I would never forgive or stay with someone that has cheated on me but look at me now i am with someone that did this to me. Either i am stupid or i am really blind in love. i really love this person. it has already been more than a year since this happened. And ever since that nothing out of the ordinary has happened for me to believe that she is doing it again. well thanks for posting this. I like your comments. Maria
@OConnell87 (1045)
27 Jun 09
i do believe once a cheater always a cheater is true, i think if someone has no respect and thought for the person they are hurting then they can think like that again.