Cooking is a war?

June 27, 2009 4:45am CST
Oh Cooking is a big war. I tried cooking today but i was not so successful in cooking. Cooking is a great art and not only the cooking books teach this art. Women are great to know the art of cooking.
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@kavikent (57)
• India
29 Jun 09
Dear Prateep., It depends on your outlook. You should approach cooking with passion and not as a work. It is not just women who are good at it, even men do it. How about all the Star hotels you eat?? Do you think that women cook there? My husband too is a good cook. You just have to enjoy the process. Visit my blog for some easy to cook receipes
@babyjesus (277)
28 Jun 09
Its war if you don't like it and you struggle to do it. However, if you are patient to learn and know the art of cooking, its actually a beautiful way of life.
@srganesh (6344)
• India
28 Jun 09
Anything in the start will be a great struggle to learn.First you are a clean slate and don't know what to do,then you want to be successful in the first attempt itself and so you are preoccupied with tensions.So,it seems to be a war at first.But practice and practice,you will soon get accustomed to it and you will be enjoying things and naturally you come out successful.Practice is the secret.Cheers!
@mvicky1 (49)
• China
27 Jun 09
hehe!~~~my fist cooking is a disaster!~~ but know,I' good at make chinese food,and simple sandwish.
@a_manick (879)
• India
27 Jun 09
Dont think cooking as a big war or art.Take it as a hobby.Try cooking with very good books and start with very simple recipes.Practice makes perfect and of course you know men are great chef. The more you fear ,the more you spoil it.Enjoy ccoking man.