For how long you're using the same cell phone?

@irahat (89)
June 27, 2009 11:04am CST
There are favourites of everybody.... now a days cell phone is a must have thing for almost everybody and it comes in different styles and brands...!! I have i-mate SP3 for almost 6 years now it is a great cell phone, i-mate has now offered many cell phones after that but I think it best suited me or I just love my SP3 I've two more Nokia phones but I'm addicted to my SP3 I also installs many softwares in my phone and they are working fine..!! tell me about yourself which phones you have and why you like it?
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@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
27 Jun 09
I had been using my current cell phone for nearly 3 years now. My current cell phone is Nokia brand and i like its function very much. My former cell phone brand is Sony Ericsson. Actually, sometimes i am still using it as my alarm for waking me up. I changed to use my current cell phone is because, my Sony Ericsson cell phone button had got loose and very hard to navigate. That's why, i had changed to Nokia's pressed button type...
• Philippines
27 Jun 09
I've been using my current phone for almost a year now. Though I have a newer phone, i still keep my old low model Nokia phone because I'm subscribed to two different telcos