Michael Jackson is dead....

@kingpong (166)
June 27, 2009 12:01pm CST
Hi guys the king of pop died last friday (PHP time). Im not really in to his music but i would like to know if you have interesting stories about him and your reaction on his death. As for me, i guess he will be missed. There are a lot of "conspiracy theories" behind his death, my friends are saying that he is really broke and needs to "kill" himself to free him from debt but of course i think that that is not the case.
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@rsa101 (28900)
• Philippines
29 Jun 09
Well for avid fans that is indeed a big shock for them to hear. Well he did live a life of what we call a celebrity. He's stardom started in his childhood but then the price he paid for that is he never really enjoyed childhood because of that. I think one of the best times in life is childhood. He always had this very secluded life because of his popularity and was never able to mingle with many people except his circle only. With regards to his wealth I guess he got money easily but still loses it as easily as he gets it. Well I guess it is just because he could easily get it that is why he easily is able to spend the money as he wishes. Right now I still believe that he has money despite the reported debts unpaid. I just hope that it will be able to sustain his wealth for his children.
@posham (1237)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
I was really shocked... There I was lying in a hospital bed just because of a mild flu. I felt guilty taking up space in a hospital and getting attention from all those nurses when some other people are in dire need of care. I'm not saying that MJ had less medical supervision that what I had at the time knowing how big a celebrity he was. But still, felt guilty in a way.
@Ammudoll (549)
• India
28 Jun 09
I like his dance very much, I was crazy about his albums. He visited India in November 1996 he came dressed in top hat, dark glasses and a red jacket. On his way from Airport he intrigued by the sight of Lezim dancers prancing around at the side of the road, he alighted and shook hip, foot and shoulders with them. That act won a special place for him in everybody's hearts. I heard he has 2000 crores of debts. (2000 Cr as per Indian currency) Not sure if it is true or not
@marites31 (267)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
i dont believe that he is that much broke. with lots of albums that he sold of course till now he is still getting profit from it. yes you are right he will be missed by lots of people because of the history he has made.