What do you do for fun?

United States
June 27, 2009 4:58pm CST
I am constantly looking for new and fun things to try. My most recent activity has been gem mining. How do you spend your free time? What is your favorite thing to do?
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@substance (588)
• India
28 Jun 09
Gem mining must be fun. We have a farm house where we all spend our free weekends sometimes and do some chores like planting organic veggies, fruits, drawing waters for cooking and stuffs, fishing and hunting small wild animals. ( no offense animal lovers). I enjoy traveling and i always make plans to go out of my station for at least 2 or 3 times a year either for pleasure/shopping or small business work which is really fun with friends or family members. Right now, i am in the process of doing some heavy savings for some fun later. and i really like to learn new things, and i am thinking of taking an animation class and maybe learn Spanish too which is my fav foreign language. right now, my new activity is this" browsing the web, learn some tricks of networking and online business and make a thorough study of the hows,whats and whys of the internet world" which is really enlightening. The world of learning is limitless and its really great to come to mylot and exchange ideas and views with you all. In the near future ie 10-20 yrs, i have dreams of really writing a hmmm" best seller book" huh!!( just a dream)heh!!
• United States
28 Jun 09
Gem mining sounds like it might be fun. Right now, i am a cherry picker. Also, I like to go fishing.
• China
28 Jun 09
i often read some novels,serf on the internet...i also like take photos.it alwayds makes me feel excited to enjoy the pretty sights. i am charmed with the beuautiful scene.
@bang323 (102)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
Things I do for fun.. You mean there are other things to do besides posting here? I enjoy afternoons shooting paper targets at a shooting range, I also fly jetliners... On a simulator that is. I have several other hobbies, but those are my top 2.
@Astraea (175)
• Sweden
27 Jun 09
I do a lot of things. I read and write. I play the violin. I paint or draw everyday. And of course I love being outside for a walk or playing a video game.
@imsilver (1667)
• Canada
27 Jun 09
Gem mining?!? That sounds like fun. We are a really outdoorsy family. We live about 10 minutes away from the forest and the best fishing river in North America; so if the weather is okay, we go hiking and finish with a hot dog roast on the beach. If the weather is not so nice, we stay indoors and scrapbook. I have a few people who have recently moved away and we are always putting together a little something for someone.
• United States
27 Jun 09
Well besides mylot I like to play video games and guitar that's what I do with most of my time...O and play with my lil bro he's 2