United States
June 27, 2009 10:31pm CST
My job has been... lets say, absolutely horrible to me. The union takes my entire paycheck every second week of the month. Furthermore the company only lets me work about 8-12 hours per month... 4-8 of which is taken by the union. And it's minimum wage, so I'm only getting $30-60 per month, which is just barely enough for me to squeeze by on (thanks to food stamps and no rent). Besides the monetary issues, the people are not good to me. They ask me to do 3 things at once and get very upset if I dont finish all of those things in under 10 minutes (which they seem to think is very generous), I am always the one called to clean messes and do those little annoying jobs no one else wants (despite having at least 2-3 other people with my job title there at all times), and they constantly mess up my schedule and reduce my hours even though I have tried speaking to management about it. Obviously, I want to quit. Even if I don't want to quit, at this point, the monetary issues have gone from bad... to potentially, nothing. And they won't fire me because they don't want me collecting unemployment. I'm hoping for advice about how to make an extra $60 a month without a job (as this is the only job in my area I'm currently qualified for). I only need to survive until September, because I am qualified for financial aid so I can go to college without worrying about expenses. But I don't have a savings anymore (I was skipped over entirely by my company for so many different months that my savings is depleted), and I can't think of any benefits or programs that will cover this small need. Please, any advice?
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@fauxidia (19)
• Trinidad And Tobago
28 Jun 09
Hey, i understand, I'm in a similar position. College is pretty costly. Any advice given here will be appreciated by me as well.
• United States
28 Jun 09
I'm just grateful that I can go to community college for free thanks to financial aid (although it was hard as hell to prove I'm independant under the age of 24). Hopefully after that I can get a better job to pay for a four year college, and maybe with scholarships, graduate school. But for right now... I just need to survive a few months before I can work toward my goals.