What would you do?

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June 28, 2009 1:17am CST
What would you do if you could change how someone is held responsible for their actions? What I am trying to say is if a child molester was caught and admitted that he did that to children and you could make anything for a punishment. What would you do? Would you make it a law saying that all child molesters had to have their **you know what** surgically removed or put to sleep? Their choice! And, if they are caught again then it is death!!! Or, what would you do? I was wondering because of this guy got out of prison after the third time being sentence for child molestation and now they got him again. And, because of his age they are talking a short time. Yet, he did not have trouble getting to that kid because of his age! What are your thoughts? **Peace and Love get's you through everything in Life**
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• United States
28 Jun 09
I THINK THEY ALL SHOULD BE CASTRATED & THEN SHOT. This is my top peeve that they are able to keep on doing this & getting by w/it.
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• United States
28 Jun 09
With the laws of today, yet of yesteryear, its hard. Plus in these times of the economy, even the Jails are being sized down. Many perpertraters are getting away with less sentencing etc. If there was a choice for people like this, I would have to say there should be a facility built just for people like this. They have to do the work in this place yet can never leave. Like a compound of sorts. These people that feel they need to have such control over children are horrible. The innocence of the child is ripped away, no way of ever getting that back. (I know, been there) These people need professional help, problem is most don't get it. Some if that doesn't work, those are the ones that need to be taken away from society permanently. Children are our future, why should they live in fear????
@maxilimian (3099)
• Indonesia
2 Jul 09
The punishment never been wary enough for him, well i think the court should make an exceptions about this person, maybe a lifetime in prison, so he will really got the punishment for what he did ... So it depends on the petitioner and the court