Alipay VS PayPal who will win?

@taobao (23)
June 28, 2009 2:15am CST
The most popular mode is C2C(customer to customer, always trade betweentwo person). now in the world the most famous websites are and they both are not simple:taobao for free and ebay for charge. called eachnet.combefore and was the No.1 C2C site in china, then it was bought by (the largest in the world) and became its chinese's background is which is the best B2B9(business to business always trade between two company)one. C2C is different from B2B and B2C,Just it is without the letter "B" which means company.because the trade between person, the security is always the most inportant thing. so the ebay and taobao both have their tools to prevent cheat. Paypal is widely used in the world and is the defacto standard in worldwide C2C trading. ebay deceided to develop a system like paypal until it seems no hope to replace paypal, then ebay bought it. alipay is the products of and after years improvent it has been steady. i think, its the time to demermine who will win this great battle. paypal have more than 150million users, Q1 2009 Financials said paypal's total payment volume,the total valus of transaction in Qa 2009 was near $16 billion up 10percent in Q1 2009. while alipay as of 10 May 2009, had more than 180 million users and daily transaction volume exceeding RMB 700 million, through more than 4,000,000 daily transaction
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