have you learn at least one skill about which you really proud of ???????????

June 28, 2009 9:28am CST
we do all works in day today life but are you really proud of something in which you are expert(adept).but it is stated in Vedas that every man have one skill that carry him to the peak of success in the world but it depends on us we noted or not that quality.if you have some really unique share with us i.e mylot family.
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@ank_47 (1962)
• India
28 Jun 09
i am interested more in crafts and proud for it . i think i am expert in woolen craft works .if i see any new item with wool ,i have interest ,to stich it .otherwise ,i don;t sleep. and i make interior decoration with used and old things.like i made beautiful flowerwase with plastic syline bottle. i made teddybears with fur cloth,tablemats with wool,door mats with old cycle tubes and some bags with old clothes.and like that i made many more things with waste materials. but i permitted my works to my house only. upto now,i am not interested in making business with my art. but any day,if i have more money,i can improve my crafts works and make it a business in a sucessful way and earn more from it.lets hope so.
@pengbubu (1015)
• China
28 Jun 09
I don't have one now, but I am learning. I want to be good at UG(it's a graphics software), I learn it since I bought my current computer. I take some courses daily, I am going to learn it step by step. I wish I can master it asap, haha!
• Kottayam, India
28 Jun 09
Born without any skills, went to Udaipur and started work with a watch show room and the manager asked his accountant to teach me accounts, but he did not want to teach me and was allowing to write only preliminary day book.That was my basic.Now I am an experienced accountant for the last 25 years.
@whizkid08 (715)
• India
28 Jun 09
Yeah, everyone has some or the other other skill unique in himself. For me, its my technical knowledge in my field of Information Technology and my designing skills. I've got my logos and designs approved by companies, and sometimes It gives a sense of pride in myself. I hope to get a worthy job after my graduation.
@jillhill (37379)
• United States
28 Jun 09
Not unique.....but writing.....my poetry brings people to tears. I hope someday one of my books has big success.