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June 28, 2009 11:49am CST
I'm afraid to say that I do not understand philophosy. It goes right over my head, Someone I knew asked me to explain why a chair right in front of us didn't exsist. How would you answer that
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• Malaysia
28 Jun 09
I wouldn't know how to answer it exactly. In my opinion existence come closely with reality. A reality depends on our 5 senses, if we smell, feel, see, taste and hear then it is real and it exist. But does reality depends on the senses? Our senses can be easily tricked and faked, so how do we know what we're feeling with our senses is reality? On another approach, Perception. Let us say if you believe that it (whatever it is) does not exist even if you can sense it then therefore it does not exist. This is true because you perceived it is impossible to be true. E.g. I've lost my wallet once. I believed it was in the car (actually it was in my room on the dresser). I searched the whole car and everywhere in my house including the dresser in my room and could not find it. This is because i was absolutely sure that the wallet is suppose to be in car not anywhere else. The wallet was there on the dresser when i searched but my eyes wouldn't even register it, because i believe it was impossible to be there. My wife looked for it and found it. Also on perception. Check out the animals in our world and what kind of senses they have. Some do not have the same senses as us. They may have less. So those animals perceive reality on certain spectrum of reality only. Now, if they have our senses then they will see a larger spectrum of reality. Based on that logic, wouldn't you say that there could be more senses that we don't know about that will give us a better perspective of reality. And in the end the truth of reality is totally different than we actually thought.
@mysdianait (65058)
• Italy
28 Jun 09
Where does 'reading between the lines' enter into all that? Is it something we actually see because it is really there or something we want to see? Sorry but your response has intrigued me so please continue Welcome to myLot!
• Malaysia
28 Jun 09
Reading between the line is just expression that means some thing is hidden or an alternate interpretation of that particular sentence/paragraph/article. Did you mean something like, we purposely missed something when we read? Ok, if that's what you mean, then ... based on what i've mention earlier (last post), you will not be able to see some sentence if the particular sentence is actually opposite on what you strongly believe. I think there's a limit to this though, if the opposite (of what we believe) keep hitting us on the face we'll eventually see or perceive it. I think it's called paradigm shift. Where we make a correction of our current reality to suit with the new information received. Over the years, we as individual will come across a lot of this paradigm shifts because new information will make corrections on what we perceive as our current reality. What I was talking on the earlier post is about the senses. If we somehow manage to acquire some new sense or senses then it will be one heck of a paradigm shift.
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29 Jun 09
That chair exists because the mind chooses to allow it to exist. Even the most basic philosophy course is all it takes to understand that only what we do with our minds is what there is in our worlds. Those classes are easy, and enlightening.
@meapas (2436)
• India
28 Jun 09
What is out of mind is out of sight. If it is not there in the mind, it doesn't exist. God is in the mind always and so God exists. As simple as that. meapas.