Do you take short insurance when you travel aboard?

June 28, 2009 12:07pm CST
Do you take a short insurance coverage when you travel aboard for a tour or some business. I am going to Singapore and i am think Insurance is very much need for this short travel. Please travellers guide me in this issue
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@catzzz (109)
• Ireland
29 Jun 09
I think insurance is very important. just for my own feeling, i will feel more safe. but u have to check the details. one time i travel to japan and the plane delayed. i don't get any money from the insurance coz my delayed times is not long enough!
@marguicha (136009)
• Chile
29 Jun 09
Since I´ve grown older, I always take insurance when I travel. I don´t mind so much if my suitcases are lost but it is imoportant to get doctors and the right medicines in case of need. Years ago, I went to Spain with my husband. One handbag was stolen and the only important thing it had was our meds. We called assist card, they sent a doctor, discovered what was the generic name of our pills and we had no problem. From then on, I buy the insurance with the ticket. You never know.
@OConnell87 (1045)
28 Jun 09
yeah i always do but i buy a cheap basic one which covers lost luggage and cancelled flights, and with regards to medical bills i have a free card which pays for hospital bills given to everyone in europe
@tonyllenium (6261)
• Italy
28 Jun 09
It depends wher i come to and even if there are difficulties or soemthing i guess the insurance should be really comfortable!!normally i can have it if ii travel abroad because it can be useful ffor also that purposes you can't preven before you travel as in many cases if i know very well the dstination and so i can judge that the insurance can be off i will quit it...but normally i think when you come abroad can be useful too