House on rent

June 28, 2009 2:33pm CST
Friends i am engineering student in india. My college is in another city from my home city. And here i live on rented house. Friends when i lived on rented house with parents till teenage i have not got any problem with rented house. I always think them as my own house. but now in engineering studies i have to live alone or with friends in rented house. And trust me i have changed 5 house within 1 year. And gonna search for new house in august. I have seen that people behave very brutelly especially with students. They dont allow us to keep luggage of other students or dont allow to let other friend to spend some days with u. And they dont allow u to come back after 9 pm. And they visit ur house anytime to check cleaning, the house does not have water tank not for even flush bathrooms, sometimes the wasted furniture of land lord is put into rented room and we are not allowed to throw them out. etc. In india especially in my city the students on rented room are suffering lot. And my experience with rented room is very bad. but whatever the problems. I have found that its good to stay in rented rooms instead of doing 3 hour long journey from ur home especially for students. do u have any good or bad experience with rented rooms. If yes then share here. If u dont have any experience with rented room then u can learn something from here which will help u for self or others. plz excuse me for my very bad english and the way of writing. I think its mylotter like kind websites are the powerful tools which make post of writers like me to be read by those whose mother tongue is english or whose english is great. My mother tongue is hindi, and i know 4 languages including english.
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