What are the qualities that you owned that you're most proud of?

@seymiss (622)
June 28, 2009 3:08pm CST
Not everyone has every qualities but everyone has some of them.Which of the one's you possessed that you're most proud of?
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@lampar (7591)
• United States
30 Jun 09
My 'honesty', 'selflessness', 'compassion' ,' kindness', 'friendliness' and 'generous' are just a few of a few dozen of qualities i had that i really proud of. I am in the process of getting rid some of these qualities as i don't want to have so many of them inside me.
• India
29 Jun 09
I think the only quality which I can be proud of is my forgiving nature. Its not that I forgive people on purpose…I was not always like this. I too plotted revenge and bad mouthed people and would pray for something bad to happen to people who, I thought, had given me a raw deal. But then I realized that it was too much of a burden to carry on in my heart…forgiving and forgetting and moving on with life was more important and a far better option for me. So I chose to practice it consciously…sometimes I think of myself as a weakling but the feeling of having let go is awesome…it kind of frees your heart.
@kryzell (921)
• Philippines
29 Jun 09
If there's one thing I have learned in motherhood... it has to be the virtue of patience. I used to be very stubborn, impatient and a nagger. All that has dramatically changed when I gave birth. Now, rather than doing things for myself, I have learned to be selfless and to think of my son first. I guess, that's one quality that most moms have...and am glad I have developed.
@marguicha (126821)
• Chile
28 Jun 09
I think I am a caring person. Not a saint, mind you, but I like people and I´m interested in them. I know without them telling me whem someone needs cuddling.
@edmltw (287)
• Singapore
28 Jun 09
1)I can play keyboard, sing and perform to an audience 2)Im a jack of all trades, but i master none. *beams* 3)I can type out my good points *grins* 4)all over again~~~