Do you really think that all people have a mate in this world?

June 28, 2009 4:42pm CST
Even people can find or not his mate, this person exist somewhere? ll say that in this world we have our soul mate. is true or not? Is luck or just destiny to can find our soul mate?
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• Australia
4 Jul 09
everyone has a soul mate but sometimes u r not meant to be together......i had been in a relationship and we were both perfect for each other.......but we had to separate because of circumstances............i think its a matter of destiny.......
@donsky14 (5961)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
Well, being the hopeless romantic that I am...I would say that everybody is meant for somebody. We just need to wait for the time that we'll meet that someone.
• United States
28 Jun 09
I truly believe in soul mates and I also believe their mate may not be the same I have met my soul mate we were like halves of each other in all ways almost every way but in the end we were not meant to be together sometimes soul mates can be good sometimes bad but always to teach a lesson about ones self Now on the other side of it I do not think all people are meant to be with someone for their life Like me I am 38 and the thought of marriage being tied to one person although I see everyone else around me wanting it doing it I am so happy all alone I know not everyone could of would find happiness in it but I do I come when I want do what I want what more could I ask for if I have someone to grow old with great if not great also either way I am happy
@jt1981 (126)
• United States
28 Jun 09
i don't think there's a such thing as a soul mate, because i think people can be compatible with more than just one person in this world. meeting someone you can be with forever isn't as easy as just meeting the right person. no matter how great you get along with someone, they will still do things that annoy you or things that you just don't understand. i think some people never find mates because they are just too set in their ways and unwilling to compromise until the perfect person comes along, and there is no such thing. i know a guy who is 26 and still has never had a girlfriend. he says it is because he hasn't met the right person yet. i say it's because there are things about himself that no girl would be attracted to, yet he refuses to change. (i'm not saying you should have to change yourself to be with someone, i'm talking about changing things like not having stinky feet or not burping at the dinner table!)