damn sleepin late at night and then waking up late!!! jus looooove it

June 29, 2009 5:45am CST
hey guys im 17 yrs old boy and i jus love to sleeep late at nite and then the conclusion to this comes with a looong late waking up at the morning... sometimes i go to sleep at 2:00 am or 3 or even 5 am in the morning then i go to sleep and come to conciousness at 8-10 oclock in the morning its damn funnn.. nowadays as it has become a habit.. though i go to sleep early like 8 or 10 at night i turn out to be waking up as usual 8-10 in the morning... donno about u guyz and gurls out there but i love it.. who else love it tooo?and do as i do???
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@missbdoll (1168)
• Australia
29 Jun 09
AsI work online I got used to really late nights and getting up late.Getting to bed early for me would be after midnight and often it 2.00 or later. I get up around 10.30 or later. Of course if i have to get somewhere early I'll often have to get up at 5.30, those days I'm usualy in bed by 11.00 or 11.30, seems I can manage on that amount of sleep when I have to.
29 Jun 09
hey thanx for the response tho.. must be ur lifestyle nah hard to maintain i guesss mine its jus addiction!!1 okay happy mylotting!1
@shnsun (196)
29 Jun 09
Hey friend! i love sleeping late night too. Usually i sleep at about 1 am - 2 am and sometimes 3 am too. I irritate my friends misscalling them at night. Yepp its really fun sleeping late night and waking up late. I wake up at around 7 or 8 am. Sleeping late night has become my time table since two months and nowadays i feel fresh even though i sleep and wake up late. Enjoy sleeping and waking up late!!! Happy mylotting!!
29 Jun 09
hey thanx bro and u too hav fun mylotting anytime!!! hav funn n keep wakin up late!!! later!!
@sonusd (1547)
• India
29 Jun 09
it does not work for all I go to bed early and wake up early also I go to at 11pm and get up at 5 am it gives me freshness
29 Jun 09
any way thanx for the response man!!1 and happyyy mylotting!!!
• Indonesia
29 Jun 09
oye.......frst of all u think wakin up at 8 or 10 is late?//.... well still early 4 me!!....
29 Jun 09
damn cool man it mite be fuuunnnn!!! okie happpy late waking up 2 u!!! and happy mylotting.
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
10 Jul 09
i do it because i get stuck on the computer and lose time. but i need to stop it because it is not healthy. i need to sleep early, wake up early, and become more productive so i can get more done.
@AAnshu (115)
1 Jul 09
I am a 17year old girl. LOL! I too like sleeping late and waking up late though late for me is 7am. No matter how late i sleep i won't be left in bed till after 7. I too find it fun. I am mostly awake for finishing the novel and somehow to complete a novel by staying up late is more fun. And yes, once u get the habit, u wake up at the same time. I too used to wake up at exactly four, automatically, even though i was to be in bed till 6 and even though i hadn't had enough sleep. But now i wake up exactly at 6. This happened because i started getting in bed at 12 and sometimes at 2. Now no matter when i sleep i am awake at 6. Akriti *_-
@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
30 Jun 09
I always remember the earliest bird catches the most worm, and tried to instill it into my life. Once, I was like you too, sleep late and wake up late, but now, as i grown older,, I found morning is the best time for me to do my stuff, as I found it was my most productive moment. I just wish now, I could abre to stay up late, but now it seems harder for me.