guys who would make up stories just for you to notice him

June 29, 2009 6:58am CST
making stories and making people believe that it is true is the worst thing a person could do,.. you'll never know when that person is being honest,.. this all thing started last summer vacation, I had to make up for some subjects that I left last semester so in order to catch up with my other classmates I had to take this subject, but in that class I've met my former classmate in my elementary years who was also in one of my subjects the past year... I never noticed him because he was just a typical guy, a teachers pet maybe.. so the hell I care with him.. I don't even look at him, I am not that snobbish but I just don't easily open up to people who don't talk to me first. i was just waiting for people to come up to me but because I'm weird I seldom talk in class, but one time during our class break he approached me and talked to me.. he was nice and all so I opened up, because he noticed how different I was from my sister.. and so we became friends, and he learned how my boyfriend cheated me in the past so he wanted to court me.. Well as for me I am still totally inlove with my boyfriend so i had to turn him down, many times, but when he said that he had a whole in his heart I was strucked with fear because i might kill him in the process.. So I entertained him even if I didn't want to. but when my boyfriend learned about that i had to let him go even if it hurts him,.. well in the end I found out that he doesn't really have a sickness in his heart and he had to make up stories just for me to choose him... And he had to believe my ex friend, that backstabbing girl said that I was a user, because he had helped me twice. Help as in he typed few words for the wedding invitaion of my boyfriend's cousin. and second is to help me out with my mom.. The nerve of him to say that i am a user. He benefitted from me as well. so he has no right to judge me because he only knew me for 2 months..
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• United States
30 Jun 09
My rule is this: If a guy lies to create a relationship with me, he's out the minute I find out. If he lied to get me into the relationship, he'll lie again.
• Philippines
3 Jul 09
hmm i would definitely borrow your rule lol
@eLsMarie (4348)
• Philippines
3 Aug 09
too bad... well i guess he's good at really making up stories... i totally believed that his intentions are bad from day one... he's terrible... just disregard him and don't let him feel you down.. his impression towards you after you found out that he's lying is just normal... he feels guilty and he doesn't want to admit that he made a mistake so he make up stories again for you to be the one who'll be blamed... tsk! what a coward
@pratheep87 (1228)
• India
29 Jun 09
Yes i have seen many people who biuld some fake stories to bring our attention on them. But i dont take this issue serious because now a day all people have the same mentality.