ICICI Lombard Insurance

@abetole (221)
June 29, 2009 8:20am CST
Hello friends, I found a strange thing about ICICI Lombard insurance company. Few days back, I tried to insure my car with this company online. After taking payment from me, they told me that they will send an authorized agent for surveying my car. The agent turned up after 4 days and then he tried to extort money from me, saying that if you want me to pass your car, I will need Rs. 500 for this otherwise I will reject your car. The car is in excellent condition; but I need the money. I refused and then he literally gave a wrong report of my car. I told this to the customer care of ICICI Lombard call center in mumbai, where there are only 3 or 4 people, who do not even know how to speak in proper and polite english with proficient grammar. They kept giving me the answer that the system is not yet updated. After constant follow up and headache, I got the money back into my credit card after one month. Never use this insurance. Mu friend has one more experience. The company says that they do lightning fast claims; but its all wrong, my friend got only 7% of the claim amount. The only thing, which was "lightning fast" there was the bribe officials wanted. I am posting this to make all the friends cautious here.
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