Do you think there is racism within India?

June 29, 2009 8:52am CST
For the past few months, we have seen the Indian politicians crying hoarse over the attacks in Australia. These attacks are condemnable in all respects.Now then, we are so busy at pointing at our neighbour that we ignore the litter in our own backyard. One major contributor is the caste discrimination,due to which many people don't even have a level playing field.They are pushed to the back foot for no fault of theirs.Caste discrimination plays absolute havoc in the field of education.The basic idea of caste was to help the poor come up in their life.But continuous practicing of the same principle is not a good practice and should be abolished.It is high time the government abolishes the caste discrimination and bring in novel methods which will help the poor come up. And then there was some attacks on certain people just because they happened to be migrant laborers from some other regions.Do provide your suggestions
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• India
2 Jul 09
I think we Indians are one of the most racist people....forget about caste, have you noticed how the dark-skinned girls are discriminated against the fair-skinned ones? And this in a country where majority are would think we should be proud of our dark skin colour! Other than this too, there are attacks on certain communities who have done well in other areas or against people settling in some other places where the indegenous population does not welcome them...when it comes down to our own survival, we forget that we all are Indians.