Team Jacob or Team Edward???

June 29, 2009 9:38am CST
Hey all you Twilight saga fans......! How are you all??? I was just wondering which team would you select?? Team Jacob or Team Edward?? I simple love Jacob :) I know many girls love Edward just because of tha fact that he is good looking and a perfect guy but I find him really over-protective and he lacks 1 major quality that is he is never envious of Jacob.Maybe he is but he never shows it. I love th eway Jacob shows his dislike towards Edward I think its very funny and nice. A person feels more protective and wanted in Jacob's company whereas Edward keeps talking about leaving and stuff (which is correct for Bella) but still you don't keep telling a person how dangerous you are for her when she has clearly told you she does not care. Cheers to Team Jacob! what do you guys think??
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• Indonesia
3 Jul 09
i do love jacob too...lots...more than edward.. even though edward more handsome or cool like any other girls admire too... because jacob has a warm heart that can cheers me each day i wake up (if i have jacob of course)... why bella so blind? if i were in her place, i'll forgot edward and get a new start with jacob on moonlight...(i hope alice never comeback to bella at "moonlight")
• India
3 Jul 09
That's so sweet of you. I am glad some one other than me loves jacob. But we can't help it now for Bella. She was made to be with Edward and Jacob to imprint on Bella and Edward's daughter. I find that cute too. LOL! I know if Alice did not come to Bella in NEW MOON then Bella would surely have been with Jacob!
• United States
5 Aug 10
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm tough decision but...............Team Jacob lol ;) He's awesome, cute, and has those great abs
@dsrp82 (678)
• Brazil
16 Jul 10
team jacob!!!
@x_Jo_x (1041)
22 Nov 09
I saw "Twilight" and loved Edward! Thought he was perfect for her and everything, plus he was good looking and i really loved all the emotion when those two where together in the film. However! After seeing New Moon, ive totally changed my mind! I absolutly love Jacob! I think Bella should choose him and not Edward!Edward just left her, and Jacob was there for her and respected her and everything. I think she should have told edward to go away when she went to save him. I feel so sorry for Jacob! Him and Bella were getting on so well then just cos Edward desides to show up, he gets ditched again! With Jacob, everything would be more simple! Edwards got that whole mysterious thing about him. But i would love to see the story line with Bella and Jacob now! Like you say - Edward needs to show some jealousy of Jacob! At the moment, Bella is like a little lap dog for Edward. He runs off and leaves her, then she just takes him back after all the pain he caused her. I think she needs to be with jacob and then Edward will suddenly realise what he has lost by being silly all the time!