Supposed To...

United States
November 12, 2006 3:12pm CST
it kind of gets old when you get bold and stick out your neck just for the heck of it for one girl and make her your world and she flushes you down the drain poisons you through the skull into the brain going insane you seek your last straw when it's not there at all she lights you on fire lets you seek Higher and of course that's a good deal and it keeps you real but knowing she's out there and that there is no doubt there could be someone else in this game of cat and mouse in this world of lose and die and you feed on the if's and why's until you want to die and suffocate in the wounds cut by her too soon and she loves you she says but she leaves you for dead and she steams you in bed after one night of beers you wish she was here but she pushes you away even when you gave that one breath you could take and the mistakes you are to make in trying to get her back rack and stack your days in this violent maze of sedation and praise and if you want her back you know you are to wait but the patience that you have doesn't last and it's too bad because you want her back now a three-year-old on the ground pounding your fists throwing a fit wishing it better why can't it be better it was so great for the time that we made for each other and the heart and the soul that we gave to each other the purities and old that i dealt with my soul extinguished the fire that it felt for so long and i knew in her song that she spoke the truth but her perpective of truth and reality to be is lost on me because she was supposed to be with me
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